Our Mission

To connect Canada’s Health Professionals together, on one platform, for greater visibility, transparency and public protection.

Why we started Health Locator? 

Our family experienced three serious motor vehicle accidents in seventeen months. During our healing and rehabilitation, we found it very challenging to locate the health professionals we needed in our local community. No one seemed to know who offered the services we needed.

Yes, we could search on Google and obtain a list of various clinics, but to find out if the health professionals working at those clinics offered the services we were looking for, we would have to review each of their websites in detail and then make multiple telephone calls to these same clinics to ask questions because their websites didn’t have the answers we required.

Finding the exact health professional demanded our time, energy and conscious abilities. It was tiring and often yielded limited results.

From a patient’s perspective, we felt that the current system was a headache. We found that referrals seemed to be primarily by word of mouth (a limited who knows who), so instead of obtaining the care you needed, you received the care from the often biased network of professionals your service provider knew. 

We had difficulty accepting that our rehabilitation efforts were determined by a small group of practitioners, often far from our home. If we were having these problems, we knew there would be others having them also. So, after eight years in the Healthcare system, we came up with the idea of creating “Health Locator.”

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