About Us

Our Mission: 

To connect Canada’s Healthcare Professionals together, on one platform, for greater visibility, transparency and public protection. 

Our Story… Why we started Health Locator?

Our family experienced three serious motor vehicle accidents in seventeen months. During our period of healing and rehabilitation, we found it very challenging to locate the Healthcare Professionals that we needed in our local community. No one seemed to know what services were being offered nor who was offering them.

Yes, we were able to find a list of various clinics, but in order to find out if the healthcare professionals working at those clinics offered the services that we were looking for, we would have to review each of their websites in detail. Additionally, it was often necessary to make multiple telephone calls to these clinics to ask a lot of questions because their websites didn’t have the answers we were looking for.

Finding the exact healthcare professional demanded our time, energy and conscious abilities. It was tiring and often yielded limited results. We needed to know if the healthcare professional’s membership to their regulatory body was active, what certifications they had, what services they offered and if the clinic they worked for accepted MVA clients.

From a patient’s perspective, we felt that the current system was, simply put — a headache. We found that referrals seemed to be primarily by word of mouth (a limited who knows who), so instead of obtaining the care you needed, you obtained the care from the oftentimes biased network of professionals your service provider knew. We had a difficult time accepting the fact that our rehabilitation efforts were determined by a small resource of practitioners, who were often far from our home. If we were having these problems, we knew there would be others having them also. So, after eight years in the Healthcare system, we came up with the idea of creating “Health Locator”.

What is Health Locator?

An online professional network for healthcare professionals. It is a free search tool designed to help hospitals, family doctors, personal injury lawyers and members of the public find Healthcare Professionals in all communities across Canada.

This network is made up of individual healthcare profiles that contain all of the pertinent provider information in one place. We then organize these individual health profiles by the business/clinic they work for, creating a new kind of business/clinic listing model that helps streamline the search, referral and rehabilitation process.

In addition, Health Locator profiles serve as an online resume for the healthcare professional regardless of where they work. They highlight their education, certifications, continuing education courses, as well as services offered and more. They also provide a direct link to their regulatory body/professional association website and public register, aiding the public in education, transparency and licensing verification. Learn more

What does Health Locator offer?

  • A searchable, unbiased and comprehensive network of Healthcare Professionals in Ontario with Health-Specific Search Filters that help professionals and Ontarian’s alike find health based services in their local communities. It begins with Start your Search.
  • Helpful Resources for the public to learn and understand about their right to safe and effective care.

Therapies we Used

Due to the severity of our accidents, we used a wide variety of therapies and services to rehabilitate. Before reading this section please review our disclaimer on the page.  Read more

“It is not the nature of the injuries that pose the problem, it is the lack of practical resources available to you from others that have successfully completed the journey you are about to commence that pose the greatest threat to your success.” – Health Locator Team, 2016

Our Team 

Luc Moore:

Luc has been involved in the health field since he was 16 years old. He started his first business at the age of 18 selling exercise equipment and developing training programs while working at the Almonte Fitness Centre. His combination of excitement and curiosity about how the body works alongside his athletic training brought him to study at the University of Ottawa where he obtained a B.SC. (Hon) in Human Kinetics.

In 2008, he cycled across Canada in 57 days, raising funds for a children’s Foundation. Upon returning, he started his second business of providing Kinesiology services to his local area. Nine months later, he was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. He sustained numerous life threatening injuries, including an unstable open-book pelvic fracture which required intensive surgeries to repair. With the help of family and friends, he closed his business and started rehabilitation as his new full-time job. Nearly one year later to the day, he was involved in a car accident that totalled his VW Golf and rehabilitation continued. The next eight years were spent rehabbing from these two accidents.

On the positive side, as there are always two ways to view a situation, he was granted a unique opportunity to:

  1. Learn and acquire a vast amount of knowledge about the rehabilitation process from a patient’s perspective.
  2. Access and benefit from numerous rehabilitative therapies and rehabilitation equipment.
  3. Have an inside view of our Ontario Public Healthcare system and see what services were needed to help others in similar situations.

This first-hand experience uncovered two fundamental components that Luc felt were lacking in the field of health care:

First, there seemed to be little in the way of communication tools for health professionals to collaborate with one another regarding the shared goal of rehabilitation for a patient. Forming a health care team that consulted with one another concerning care outside of the hospital seemed to be near impossible. It appeared that no one had the time to collaborate.

Second, there were many occasions when he needed specialized care. This required endless telephone calls and internet searches in order to find someone that could help him. This process was very arduous and discouraging. Finding health professionals who provided the type of services that he required was not always easy.

As a result, he co-created www.healthlocator.ca to address these concerns. Luc presently lives in Ontario’s Ottawa valley and spends his spare time with his family and friends, windsurfing, cycling and travelling.

Joanne Moore: 

Joanne’s desire to help and work with other people started at a young age. She studied Social Work for two years and obtained her Diploma, then began working on her Nursing degree. While studying nursing she started a family and decided to become a full-time mom. After raising her family, Joanne began working for a non-profit organization helping troubled youth obtain the care and health based services they required to make a new start in life. The development of these skills played a huge role in her life when she found herself both directly and indirectly involved in three motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) in seventeen months. (July 2009-December 2010).

These accidents compelled her to do some very serious thinking about what happens to individuals and their families following accidents with injuries. Since she was involved in an MVA, she thoroughly studied the auto accident system and acquired information on accident benefits and services that were available to her and her family through her automobile insurance policy. After several conversations with friends, family, and acquaintances, she realized just how little people actually knew about the basics of an auto insurance policy, as well as the lack in understanding of the benefits available to them once they’re injured in an MVA accident.

Joanne has first-hand experience recovering from an MVA and fully supported her son during his 8-year rehabilitation from a near-fatal motorcycle accident. She understands how important it is for individuals to be informed about the various therapies and services that are available to help them achieve a full recovery .

With the encouragement of friends and members of the auto insurance industry, Joanne wrote an MVA Consumer’s Guidebook and is the co-founder of www.healthlocator.ca. She presently lives in Ontario’s Ottawa valley and spends her free time gardening, cycling, paddleboarding and travelling.

Stephen Lau:

Stephen Lau has been developing web marketing strategies for emerging technology companies, government agencies and established organizations for more than 12 years. Stephen has demonstrated leadership in complicated industry sectors such as e-commerce, travel, public sector and high-tech. He provides candid, insightful advice to the C suite and senior management to help reduce business risk and facilitate the decision making process. His strong leadership, energy and interpersonal skills influence and guide staff toward goal achievement. Before establishing Salient Marketing, Stephen was a founding partner at Engine Creative Inc., a 35 person marketing and advertising agency, which was later sold to Arlene Dikinson (Dragon’s Den). Stephen holds a Masters of Science degree from the University in Ottawa. Stephen presently lives in Ontario’s Ottawa valley and spends his free time searching and enjoying new eating venues, fishing, watching movies and travelling.