What is Health Locator?

What is Health Locator? 

Health Locator serves as both a professional network for health professionals and a marketing engine for associations. Additionally, it functions as a centralized aggregator website that displays businesses and their health professionals on a map page with health-specific search filters.

Moreover, it operates as a free search tool designed to aid hospitals, family doctors, personal injury lawyers, and members of the public in finding and booking appointments with Health Professionals in Canada. The business and health professional profiles are thorough and contain all the essential information that the public needs in one place with health-based advanced search filtering

The network also enhances public protection by including specific links on the profiles that direct users to the appropriate public registers and health professional association directories. Some associations even utilize Health Locator as their primary member directory.

Our team designed Health Locator with input from Stuart Moulton, the executive director of the Ontario Kinesiology Association, Government Officials and additional Professional Association directors.

Why did we create Health Locator? 

Our family experienced three serious motor vehicle accidents in seventeen months. A near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2009 that required two life-saving surgeries, a car accident in 2010 and a car accident in 2011. During our healing and rehabilitation, we found it very challenging to locate the health professionals and the right personal injury lawyer we needed in our local community.   Learn more about our story

Why was it difficult to find care? 

Short answer: Google. Yes, we could search on Google and obtain a random list of clinics and lawyers, but if we wanted to find the exact service, payment method, amenity, or injury we were looking for, Google didn't offer that search functionality. So, we had to review everyone's website in detail and then make multiple telephone calls to get the needed answers.

From a patient’s perspective, we knew there had to be a better way. So, after eight years in the Healthcare system and multiple meetings with Government officials, Regulatory Colleges and Professional Associations across Canada, we created Health Locator. 


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