What are Statutory Accident Benefits?

Motor vehicle accident benefits, also called No-Fault benefits are Statutory Accident Benefits.

No-fault insurance means if you are injured or your car is damaged in an accident, you deal with your own insurance company in relation to accident benefits and property damage, regardless of who is at fault.

This way you don’t have to go after the at-fault driver for any of the benefits you are seeking so you don’t have to wait for insurance companies to decide who is at fault before they start paying you any of your benefits.

Statutory Accident Benefits are available by law, to insured persons involved in a car accident in Ontario.

This includes any driver, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist.

When we pay for an auto insurance policy in Ontario, it automatically includes accident benefits.

You can also buy extra coverage.

There are rules that define these benefits and they are known as the “Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule” or “SABS”.

Your accident benefits are not just given to you. You must apply for them. There are forms to fill out and return to your insurer within a timeline.

Accident benefits are very important because they can provide financial resources for you to have therapies in facilities or at home.

They must be associated with your motor vehicle accident and considered reasonable and necessary.

Examples of Statutory Accident Benefits:

Medical and Rehabilitation – therapies and services

Attendant care


Case Manager Services

Income Replacement


Lost Educational Expenses

Visitor Expenses

Damage to Clothing

Death and Funeral

Assessments, Examinations and Preparing Reports