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Fit to Function Kinesiology

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We are on a mission to help people age well and overcome the physical challenges that sometimes limit the ability to do the things they want to do.

We are passionate about assisting and educating those with mobility challenges, pain, and chronic health conditions to regain function, age well, prevent and cope, to transform their lives with the healing power of movement! Our approach to movement is to help you adapt and preserve your physical mobility, but also enhance your overall quality of life.

Offering a unique suite of quality, client-centered and health-focused movement solutions, we provide prevention and rehabilitation options, designed to keep active agers in the game of life. From aquatic therapy to return to work conditioning, we engage people in movement creatively in any environment.

For those in the Simcoe County area, we come to you via our fully mobile service making it convenient and well-suited to the individual needs of our clients. Our mobile service also includes meeting you at public or condo pools, worksites, in-home, local clinics, and community health and fitness facilities.

Using a whole-body approach to assessment, we apply your individual information and needs to develop a plan for correcting movement patterns to tailor education and health-focused movement solutions for those with injuries, or other health concerns.

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