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The Private Exercise Center for People with Health Concerns
A Safe & Clean Space to Exercise in the Heart of London.

Why Advanced Fitness Center?
We are London’s ONLY Medical Exercise Center specializing in supervised exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching for people who have health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and for the prevention of these conditions.

What we do?
We assess, create, monitor and supervise clinical exercise programs for individuals who are looking to naturally prevent or manage different health conditions such as Obesity/Weight Management, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Bone Health, etc.

What makes us different?
Our team of Registered Kinesiologists are certified in chronic disease prevention and management to ensure each program is safe but effective. We do not focus on things that other gyms do like toning muscles, losing body fat, increasing performance but those things usually happen during our programs anyways! We focus on how your body works metabolically, looking at your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and other factors that play a role in overall health and longevity.

Do I need a referral? Is it open to the public?
Many of our members are referred by their physician to exercise and this is where they send them! However, we also welcome walk-ins and consultations. Our private facility is now OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for a limited time.

How do I know I am appropriate for this facility?
To truly know if you are appropriate for this facility, please book a free consultation by calling 519-873-1603. To get a general understanding of who we serve in this facility, please read the list below of areas we specialize in for exercise management or prevention with our current members: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, COPD, etc

More About Us
We are passionate about exercise as medicine for many chronic conditions. Using fitness, lifestyle and nutrition counseling and healthy habit formation as our tools, our team will work with you to ensure that you have the information and support you need to become more active and make lasting changes to your health and lifestyle.

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Whether you are trying to lose weight, reduce your cholesterol, decrease your blood pressure, or just get healthier, we work with you to create the best exercise program for your specific needs. We understand that you and your health issues are unique, which is why we spend so much time with you to ensure that we truly understand where you are at with your health, and craft a plan that will help you be successful.

Profile updated on: December 5, 2023

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