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Melinda Loughren is a registered LPN who has worked in the healthcare industry for over twenty years and is an Advanced Foot Care Provider.

Melinda’s specialty is nursing with all her heart. Compassion, caring, strength, devotion and empathy have always been priorities during her nursing career. She entered the health care field in 1996. Over years of gaining experience in various areas of healthcare, she has developed an area of her profession with a particular interest in advanced foot care and diabetic foot care. This allows her to incorporate her highly skilled nursing experience with a passion that allows her to cater to patients in an area that can sometimes be neglected due to patient restrictions.

At SWEET FEET, our strengths are professionalism, communication, quality health care and team player participation. Our philosophy with health care has always been equated to the mechanics of a BIKE. No matter which part of the bike we are in healthcare (a spoke, a wheel, a nurse, an environmental worker, etc.) we would not be successful if we weren’t all working together. We’re all so important for optimal health!

With patients ranging from injured athletes to diabetics to the elderly, we see and treat people from all walks of life. Some clients have previously identified foot and nail problems but many others have health problems that prevent them from doing their own foot care (arthritis, impaired vision, etc.) SWEET FEET is a service focused on getting the client and the health care system the best possible outcomes – it is critical to a client’s health, comfort level and quality of life. Foot care brings tangible benefits like enhanced mobility, independence and socialization. Though it does involve trimming and filing the toenails, and specialty to nail ailments, it also includes an in-depth assessment of the client’s overall health. We provide a great deal of client education and detailed care plans with documentation supporting the chosen approach to reaching optimum foot health.

SWEET FEET involves the whole person — their health, lifestyle and often their family. It is necessary to be a good listener, and at times, to be a good detective, to determine underlying problems and then develop a plan to address the key issues.

We look forward to providing our clients with the quality healthcare they deserve!

Profile updated on: May 21, 2024

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