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Health First Family Chiropratic

* The office is closed at Christmas, New Years Day, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Family Day, Civic Holiday and Labor Day


Health First Family Chiropractic is a rehab wellness practice.We provide a corrective style approach which essentially means that our job is to improve the function of the body as a whole so our patients can achieve optimal function within the body.It's our hope that our office becomes a resource for people to get the information they need to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Treatments offered:
Chiropractic (gentle instrument adjustments, Table assisted adjustments, Hands on adjustments)
Physiotherapy (Hands on Deep Tissue Release, Hands on Deep Stretching, Modalities (Ultrasound, TENS, IFC, Acupuncture))
Massage Therapy (Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Cupping)

Custom Orthotics
Custom Knee Braces
General Braces

What we focus on at Health First Family Chiropractic is not only getting patients well but keeping patients well for a lifetime!

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