Dental Technologist

Dental technologists use specialized tools and techniques to design, make, fix and adjust dental devices. They have an expert understanding of the oral and facial structure and function, and dental device materials and techniques. Dental technologists use this knowledge to create devices that help people alleviate dental problems. The dental problems treated by dental technologists include missing, broken, cracked, or crooked teeth.

Dental technologists provide services in laboratories in either dental clinics or stand-alone facilities. These services include:

  • Designing, making, fixing and adjusting dental devices such as:
    • Orthotics
    • Dental ceramics
    • Dentures
    • Crown and bridge replacements
  • Working with dentists and patients to match dental devices according to the patient’s needs. This includes determining the shape, size, structure, contour, materials, and colour of the device.
  • Working in dental technology education programs.
  • Developing new dental technologies, techniques and products.

In Ontario, “Dental Technologist” is a regulated profession subject to the Standard of Practice and Guidelines and Code of Ethics defined by the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario. For more information on regulatory colleges, view our What is a Regulatory College page.