Denturists are health care professionals that fix tooth and mouth health problems using dentures. Denturists assess the mouth and design custom dentures according to the situation. This process involves everything from designing, fitting, ordering and constructing dentures, to adjusting, fixing, replacing and removing them. They also ensure the dentures work properly, and that the areas with missing teeth stay healthy. Thus, denturists allow people to regain normal teeth function and appearance by replacing missing, removed, cracked or broken teeth. 

Denturists provide denture services in independent or all-inclusive oral health clinics, either alone or with other oral health care professionals. Some of the services provided by denturists include:

  • Assessing oral health and condition 
  • Designing, fitting, ordering, adjusting, constructing, fixing, and removing complete, immediate and partial dentures
  • Adjusting and replacing dentures according to changes in the mouth (bite position, mouth size and shape, tissue changes
  • Cleaning stains and deposits on dentures
  • Developing oral health treatment plans
  • Professional teeth whitening 
  • Developing other oral devices such as anti-snoring devices and mouth guards
  • Provide information on living with and maintaining dentures

In Ontario, “Denturist” is a regulated profession subject to the Standard of Practice, Policies and Code of Ethics defined by the College of Denturist of Ontario. For more information on regulatory colleges, view our What is a Regulatory College page.