What is “Health Locator” ?

We are an organization that is bridging the public and private health care systems in Ontario by creating a communication channel for Health Professionals and Service Providers, via an online Directory.

Who do we help?

Everyone in Ontario. If you were injured at work or while playing a sport, have pain or a health question, we can help speed up your recovery process by helping you find the right health professional near you.

How do we help?

We offer the following services to consumers and professionals to access rehabilitative care options:

A Healthcare Directory with Health-Specific Search Filters: 

Our Directory enables you to Find, Save, Print and Share Listings.  You can also Bookmark Listings, Request an Appointment and Get directions! Saving you time and energy when you need it the most.

Search by:

  • Keyword
  • Category
  • Location

Filter results by:

  • Amenities –
  • Client/Patient Ages
  • Payment Methods
  • Services
  • Setting
  • Types of Claims
  • Types of Clients
  • Types of Injuries
  • Regulatory and/or Professional Bodies

I am a member of the public, do I need an account to use your services ?

You do not need an account to use our Health Locator Directory or our website.  Our services are free for everyone to use!