Frequently Asked Questions

I work at more than one location, can my profile be associated with multiple Clinic/Business Profiles?

Yes, you can associate yourself to multiple locations easily. Review How do I Join or Create a second Business Profile?

Why does my Profile include a link to my Public Register / Regulatory Directory ?

Public Protection means a lot to us. By creating a backlink to the register or directory it helps project users from fraud and unauthorized care providers.

Do I need to inform Health Locator about any changes to my Licensing information?

Yes! At Health Locator we help your Regulatory College by educating and protecting consumers via our profiles.  We have included legal language into our signup process. If your License is suspended or under investigation is it your responsibility to let us know.

Can Health Locator Manage my Google my Business Account?

Yes! We can help market your name and help the public find you. If you want us to create your account or if it requires any attention, simply contact us.

I am experiencing technical difficulties while creating my account. What do I do?

We are sorry you’ve had difficulties. Please review the I am experiencing difficulties joining, what do I do?¬†post and fill out the Join Health Locator Form.