Medical Radiation Technologist

Medical Radiation Technologists are health care professionals that use imaging and radiation therapy equipment to detect and treat disease and disorders. They have a broad understanding of body function, structure and disease, radiation protection and imaging, which they use to help people return to their healthy lives. Medical radiation technologists are responsible for:

  • Acquiring health information by using imaging tools (x-ray machines, MRI’s, etc.) to produce images of the body.
  • Treating patients with radiation therapy.   

Since medical radiation technologists operate imaging tools, they assist other health professionals by providing them with enough information to develop a diagnosis. Thus, medical radiation technologists help treat and prevent a variety of conditions including:

  • Heart and blood vessel disorders
  • Lung disorders
  • Muscle and bone disorders 
  • Brain, spinal cord, and nerve disorders
  • Digestive disorders
  • Liver and gallbladder disorders
  • Urinary tract disorders
  • Eye disorders
  • Gynecologic disorders
  • Cancer


Medical radiation technologists work with other health care professionals in various settings such as hospitals, clinics and medical imaging centers. Some of the services medical radiation technologists may provide include:

Radiological Technology: Developing images using radiation-based imaging tools (such as x-rays), and operating x-ray equipment during medical treatment.

Radiation Therapy: Providing radiation treatment and support for cancer patients.

Nuclear Medicine Technology: Preparing, providing and detecting radioactive medicines to identify body disorders and diseases.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography: Using ultrasound machines to capture images of internal body structures.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Using magnetic fields to develop images of organs and other soft tissues.

In Ontario, “Medical Radiation Technologist” is a regulated profession subject to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics defined by the Regulator of Medical Radiation and Imaging Technologists of Ontario. For more information on regulatory colleges, view our What is a Regulatory College page.