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If physical issues are identified at their earliest stages and intervention is swift, the problem can be avoided from becoming bigger.

When our bodies are exhausted from stress, we have a higher chance of getting injured. Soreness often leads to injury because the strain on our body is too large for its ability to handle it and this can lead to a musculoskeletal disorder where there's an imbalance between these two factors.

The key to health…..

Injuries are caused by external circumstances and can be unintentional or intentional. A lot of effort goes into preventing both types from occurring so they don’t have a major impact on an individual's life.

Kinesiologists have a unique opportunity to improve the quality of life for people who are struggling with injuries. Their strategies include customized rehabilitation programs and injury prevention that can help all types of individuals live their best lives possible.

Preventing injuries among people of all abilities is an important task for injury prevention programs. There are many ways to prevent unintentional injuries, one way is by focusing on the risk, through education and resources.

Kinesiologists collaborate with local agencies and offer workshops on behavioral strategies to keep communities safe. They also increase access to preventative resources for those in need.

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