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Find a Kinesiologist in Mississauga

Improve health, manage disease and rehabilitate after an injury in Mississauga

In Canada, Kinesiologist refers to all health care professionals that are experts in kinesiology (the study of human movement). In Canada, all professions regarding human movement are blanketed under the title of kinesiologist. However, Health care professionals often exhibit other work-related titles to demonstrate their specialized services and knowledge in a kinesiology sub-discipline (Biomechanist, physiologist, neurologist, etc.)

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. Kinesiology is an interdisciplinary field consisting of several sub-disciplines, including the neurological, physiological, anatomical, biochemical, psychological, biomechanical and neuromotor aspects of human movement.

Kinesiologists offer wide-spread services involving human movement, performance and function.  They work with hospitals, clinics, government, fitness centers, rehabilitation centers providing various kinesiology services. These services include physical evaluations, rehabilitation, ergonomics, home/workplace health and safety, disability management, policy and research. Some kinesiology roles include:

  • Rehabilitating injuries caused in the workplace, vehicular accidents, and physical activity.
  • Providing care for people with neurological, musculoskeletal or cardiac conditions.
  • Performing ergonomics assessments
  • Coaching workers on the proper form when performing strenuous activities and identifying if the physical demands of the task are safe.
  • Providing support for those with addiction or mental health problems.
  • Developing programs for weight loss and high-performance training.
  • Creating and implementing a treatment plan as a part of a medical team.
  • Working with public organizations to change policies to enhance public health

Kinesiologists provide services to both healthy individuals (work, fitness or sport-related injury prevention or performance) and those with pre-existing clinical conditions or illnesses (injury, chronic pain, disease or illness, muscular degeneration, etc.).

They treat a variety of physical and mental conditions (through exercise)  including:

  • Metabolic, cardiovascular, pulmonary and neurological conditions
  • Musculoskeletal and mental health problems
  • Chronic pain
  • Addiction

Kinesiologists are experts in fitness and physical activity. Thus, they can help enhance health and wellness by being a part of your fitness plan. They can help you develop a personalized fitness plan, work with you to prevent and rehabilitate injuries, increase the efficiency of your workout. Although Kinesiologists usually focus on high-performance athletics, they can provide aid in all levels of athletics and fitness training.

Kinesiologists are also experts in dealing with injuries, chronic disease, pain and illness involving the musculoskeletal system and mental health. Kinesiologists are devoted to helping injured or sick patients manage and regain health and wellness, to improve the quality of life, by:

  • Rehabilitating injuries sustained from work-related and vehicular accidents, or physical activity.
  • Helping regain and maintain muscular movement, function and performance due to disease or severe muscular degeneration.
  • Helping manage chronic pain.
  • Providing care for people with neurological, musculoskeletal or cardiac conditions.
  • Supporting those with mental health or addiction problems.

 Kinesiologists are an integral component of a health care team. Kinesiologists use their specialized knowledge of human movement and function to help develop health treatment plans with health care professionals.



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