Our Partners

Health Locator partners with Professional Healthcare Associations across Canada to bring their members together in one location to help with transparency, public protection and quality assurance.

Keeping Members Happy and Motivated

Give members access to resources that will help their businesses flourish. Benefits include networking opportunities, appointment scheduling, new client acquisition, discounts on services/products as well as increased brand awareness for themselves and their businesses.

10 Reasons to join a Professional Association

What’s included in your Association’s group plan?

  1. A Health Locator Basic Plan for every member ($120 value per member)
  2. 25% off Health Locator Pro Plan ($60 Savings)
  3. Association Consultation for Health Locator Plus ($300 value)
  4. Member Consultations with our team of web experts ($300 value)
  5. Customized Co-Marketing Opportunities ($1000’s savings)
  6. Sponsorship Opportunities (Growth Opportunities)

Who are our Partners?

Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA)

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) is a non-profit organization that works to create partnerships and alliances in order to promote, advance, advocate for kinesiology. The association aims to ensure the health profession of kinesiology becomes broadly recognized by all Canadians as an important practice.



Ontario Kinesiology Association (OKA)

Kinesiologists want to be recognized by their clients and other health care providers as an authority on human movement. They also hope for improved client outcomes such as injury prevention, increased productivity, or better overall performance levels through applied solutions that are practical and effective when it comes to how the body moves.



Canadian Association of Footcare Nurses (CAFCN)

The mission of the Canadian Association for Foot Care Nurses is to advance foot care through a collaborative and networking process that brings together all professionals who provide treatment.


Associations, join our Network!

Help your members obtain new clients, market themselves and connect with the public.