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Easier, seamless access to personal healthcare

Personalized access to care starts here. With secure, fully customizable mobile friendly searches, request an appointment, get directions, contact me, as well as a built-in share and print function for insurance and family doctors, new clients have everything they need at their fingertips to find you quickly.

Trusted Referrals

When colleagues, physicians, discharge coordinators and lawyers know who you are and can trust your expertise, they will be more comfortable to refer you. Health Locator’s members are healthcare professionals that follow the standards and expectations of their Regulatory bodies for safe and effective care.

Grow your business and become an Industry Leader on Google

With your Google indexed profiles and your Member Badge, we will promote your experience, expertise and knowledge on Google and other search engines to give you an edge.  

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What’s included?

A Listing on Health Locator

Lead and Referral Generation.  The Health Locator Network was created to help the public, public healthcare system, family doctors, specialists, hospital discharge coordinators and lawyers connect with health professionals. Our Advanced Search gives users more ways to find and schedule an appointment with your business.

Search by:  Profession, injury, service, language, gender, client age, amenities, setting, payment and billing types.

Business Profile
Business Profile

A Business Profile 

Modern and Comprehensive. They allow your business to list everything it has to offer the public, accept appointment requests and showcase all of the healthcare professionals that work there. When a potential client performs a search, our algorithm will use the information listed to match them with the right healthcare professional at your business, saving you time from answering basic questions over the phone.  


Business Profile
Business Profile

A Healthcare Profile

New to healthcare, these Google indexed Profiles follow you throughout your healthcare career. They are printable and summarize all of your education as well as the services you provide. They include important backlinks that re-direct users to your public register/regulator directory, regulatory college and professional association websites for added pubic protection and transparency. 


A Member badge

Harness the power of community. This affiliates badge will create a backlink between your website and your profiles on Health Locator. Backlinks are quite important, they help increase your organic search rankings, help you obtain more referral traffic and help search engine robots find you faster. 

Create Posts 

Play an active role in educating the public. Submit articles and videos for our News & Articles section and social media channels. This will build community knowledge that can be used by your clients and peers. *See Pricing.

Current Association Partners

In late Q1 of 2022, we will begin uploading members. We are currently in soft-launch mode. 


Plans & Pricing

Why we started Health Locator 

Our family experienced three serious motor vehicle accidents in seventeen months. During our 8 year period of healing and rehabilitation, we found it very challenging to locate the Healthcare Professionals we needed in our local community. No one seemed to know what services were being offered nor who was offering them. Stressful, time consuming internet searches, multiple telephone calls to various clinics in different cities and lots of questions were often necessary to find the services we needed. This is why we started Health Locator. Rehabilitating is hard enough, finding the care you need shouldn't be.

Moore Family

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