What is Transparency?

Transparency means making sure that the processes and information related to a regulated profession/service in Ontario can be easily accessed by applicants, the public and those in the profession.

Why is transparency important for the public?

Most people don’t know the cost of their care until after they receive it. They are usually more concerned about getting the care that they need immediately, then think about the cost afterwards.  They also don’t always realize that the the price and quality of a particular service can be different for each provider.

They don’t know until it is too late – that a higher price does not necessarily mean a higher quality of service.

The goal of transparency allows the healthcare consumer to have detailed information regarding the cost and quality of care before choosing where to receive healthcare and who will provide the care. It enables them to make smarter healthcare choices.

Providing more information to the public has benefits, it:

  1. allows the public to have the ability to make more fully informed choices about their health plans, health care professionals and treatments.
  2. enhances public confidence and/or safety.
  3. increases accountability for Regulators.

The public needs to understand how and why the Regulator makes the decisions it does and be able to evaluate its performance.

Regulated colleges must not only protect the public but their work of protection must be actively seen by the public.