What is a Public Register?

Important Note:

Each one of our healthcare profiles has a View License – Public Register link that directs you to the appropriate Public Register so you can review the licensing information of the healthcare professional in question with ease. It’s never been easier to review licensing and regulatory information. Each Public Register is slightly different so follow the prompts on the screen to access the healthcare professional’s information you wish to review.

The purpose of a Public Register:  

Protection & Accountability for the Public

The main intention of a public register is to confirm to the public that a particular health professional is accepted as a regulated and licensed practitioner of good standing.

The Ontario government authorizes all Regulatory Colleges in Ontario to maintain a Public Register.

  • Ontarians have the right to safe, ethical and competent care. One of the ways that a Regulatory College fulfills its mandate of public protection is by providing a Register to the public. 
  • The public’s choice of a health practitioner should go hand-in-hand with their ability to check a College Register for information on the practitioner’s good standing.
  • Each Regulatory College keeps its own Public Register up-to-date with accurate and reliable information.
  • The information on the Public Register contains specific information required by the “ACT” and each College’s bylaws. (The main purpose of the “ACT” is to protect the public by providing registration of health professionals, investigating into professional conduct and professional performance).

Why should you go to a Public Register to verify if your health professional is registered with his/her Regulatory College?

Only registered professionals may use the protected title of his/her College. A member using the protected title makes sure he/she provides safe, effective and quality care to his/her clients. 

Only qualified professionals can become registered members of a specific Regulated College. This means they must:

  1. Meet the required education standards
  2. Pass the College’s Competency Exam 
  3. Satisfy and obey all professional obligations which include the Standards of Practise and the Code of Ethics
  4. Continually prove that he/she is competent through ongoing reporting to the College

What information is available to the public on a College Register?

  1. It is a list of all the professional members that each Regulatory College manages and supervises.
  2. It includes profiles of every health practitioner, specific to that professional College, in Ontario, as well as every professional corporation, specific to that professional College.
  3. It is information about the health professional that is gathered when she/he first registers with a Regulatory College. This information may also be obtained when the member renews her/his licence, when the professional updates her/his information or when there is a result of a hearing.
  4. Information on a member or past member can change from time to time, it is therefore important to verify your health professional’s profile regularly.

On the Public Register you will find the below information:

  •  Name of the Member, including any former names, if know by the College
  •  Previous name(s) – if known to the College
  •  Name of business address & business telephone number
  •  Name of every health profession corporation of which the member is a shareholder
  •  Licence/Registration number – Member’s current status of their licence & specialist status
  •  Education – Class of certificate of registration
  •  Terms, conditions and limitations that are in effect on each certificate of registration
  •  Professional Activities
  •  Notations (e.g. every caution, suspension, cancellation or revocation of a  member’s certificate of registration)
  •  Every result of a disciplinary or incapacity proceeding
  •  A notation of every revocation or suspension of a certificate of registration
  •  Other information in accordance with the College’s bylaws


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